Waja Boys students (File Photo)

The Kemebos Secondary School from Kagera, St Francis Girls, Mbeya and the Waja Boys from Geita have done a tremendous achievement in 2021’s form four results announced by the National Examination Council of Tanzania (Necta) today January 15, 2022.

Necta released names of the Top 10 schools that fielded candidates in ordinary certificate of secondary education exams in 2021.

According to the list released by Necta all the top 10 schools are privately owned with the exception of Mzumbe,  the schools that led in the exams that were done in November are:

Kemebos, Kagera

St Francis Girls, Mbeya

Waja Boys , Geita

Bright Future Girls, Dar es Salaam

Bethel Sabs Girls, Iringa

Maua Seminary, Kilimanjaro

Feza Boys, Dar es Salaam

Precious Blood, Pwani

Feza Girls, Dar es Salaam

Mzumbe, Morogoro

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