Clerics from KANISA HALISI LA MUNGU BABA addressing journalists in Dodoma on Saturday 


HOME Affairs minister Hamad Masauni is expected to be a chief guest in a special holy event tailored to pray for national peace and harmony.

The event will be held tomorrow on Sunday 16th January 2022 at Dodoma’s Jamhuri Stadium.

Organized by KANISA HALISI LA MUNGU BABA, the national event is expected to attract clerics from diverse denominations from across the country, government officials, citizens, as well as believers from all religions, to come together and have their fingers crossed praying for national peace.

Briefing reporters over the event earlier on Saturday in Dodoma, Priest Moja Halisi, from the Church’s headquarters in Dar es Salaam, said they have decided to organize the holy gathering in order to help instill peace and harmony from across the country.

“The role of the church is not limited under the four walls, but it should play a round –role of connecting and serving for the entire communities, and the nation as a whole through preaching the true words of ‘GOD THE FATHER’,” the priest expressed.

Clerics from KANISA HALISI LA MUNGU BABA as seen giving a press conference to reporters in Dodoma Capital City on Saturday 

However, Priest Moja Halisi added that the other daily-task of the true church was to pray to GOD so that the top national leaders would be protected from enemies, but also, to be guided by GOD in their daily executions.

“I would like to take this prestigious opportunity to welcome the residents of Dodoma and from neighboring regions to come and join us in this special service to pray for national peace through giving special offerings, ” he explained.

And he added, peace and harmony were among the key factors to propel for the socioeconomic development in any nation, insisting that the Tanzanians have all reasons to thank GOD THE FATHER for the prevailing peace.

On his side, Ushindi Halisi said peace and harmony doest come from any tribe, but from GOD THE FATHER, the creator of heaven and earth.

He went on by insisting over the need for all Tanzanians to preserve and continue praying for peace within the country, saying without peace, the much needed socioeconomic development in the country will not see the light of the day.

“Development calls for peace and harmony at all levels, from local communities, neighboring countries to international levels, because we depend on each other in the whole processes of production, additional value chain as well as markets,” he observed.

With its headquarters in Tegeta, Dar es Salaam, Kanisa Halisi la Mungu Baba which is led by ‘Baba wa Uzao’ has its branches in several countries within the continent as well as in Europe and America. The church believes in Peace, Unconditional love and wealth production.




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