KAGERA residents have been asked to use its historical resources including natural and man-made in passing the knowledge for future generations and promoting tourism to raise the standard of living.
The call was made on Tuesday this week by Dr Abednego Keshomshahara, Bishop of ELCT-North Western Diocese, when was leading the inauguration ceremony of a museum house in Kigarama village, Kanyigo ward, Missenyi district.
Dr Abednego, said the natural resources and artifacts we have, haven’t been utilized effectively to see we benefit enough from them.
He said the church will help assist the museum in getting many tourists to visit as there are historical artifacts to learn about.
  The museum was built by Dr Daniel.K.Ndagala, a historian, environmentalist and author of the book ‘Culture and Development in Tanzania(Swahili edition).
Addressing the invitees, Dr Ndagala said the Africans should be proud of themselves as they had good ability in adapting to the environment without distracting it, but wisdom and knowledge led them through.
“These days when someone who inherited traditional medicine knowledge from forefathers, when seen taking plant leaves  for medicine overnight, they call him a witch
They don’t know that our ancestors were scientific, knowing that during the day plants do convert light energy into chemical energy through cellular respiration and released to fuel the activities(photosynthesis), thus medicine couldn’t be safe to the user,” he explained.
The museum is rich in history and artifacts from iron smelting and smithery to woodwork, weaving, barter trade to the use of cowrie shells, which were obtained from the Indian Ocean.
There are ancient households items for cooking, tilling, hunting,etc
Dr Ndagala said that now traditional
 weaver is a good opportunity of making money through weaving household items including bags, following the government ban on plastic bags, and that the traditional items with qualifications, made by neighbouring communities, will be put on online market to make the business, sounding and competitive.

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