Just like how a couple of pizza slices make a whole pizza, that’s “Madenge” for you. He’s many men in one man. A Banker, Rapper, MC, Emcee, Writer, Marketer, Father, Strategist etc etc. He’s a different man on each role.


He’s Roland Barnabas/ Madenge/ BabaKelly/ Msouth it all depends which one you’re looking for at that particular time. He’s a    jack of all trades. There’s no denying the “multitalentedness” of this fella.


It’s his sense of humor and a way with words (maybe because he’s an Emcee?) that made him a Twitter favorite. When newbies join the platform, he’s one of the very first accounts they follow. That’s the power he carries with him.


With a monthly impression of 22 Million+ , he’s one of the loudest accounts on Tanzanian Twitter. But even when you’re not following him on Twitter, you’ll definitely find his content on Whatsapp statuses, Meme pages etc. The currently blooming meme industry in Tanzanian should be indebted to him.


A true Tanzanian “meme lord” knows the quality content that comes from Madenge’s tweets. Even stand up comedians use some of his content as past of their content. Would you look at that?


When he’s not on his usual 9 to 5 as Banker and Marketer, he talks entertainment and drinks. That’s just how he chooses to experience life. He does this openly using his social platforms. It has allowed him to connect and engage uniquely with hundreds of thousands of Tanzanians who relate and subscribe to his takes on the entertainment, political and beverages industry.


As a result of that he has worked (and is still working) with a number of brands in the country to push product activation, digital awareness campaigns and social media promotion of products, activities and events. Because he believes in the power of conversations between brands and customers.


So what slice of pizza are you looking for today? He’ll serve you to your liking.






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