THE government has expressed a high commitment to continue rolling out helpful support for the general improvement of the education sector from grassroots within the country.

The initiative incorporates the uplifting of learning infrastructures and education quality targets to help curtail a spate of ignorance and poverty from across the country.

The commitment was unveiled yesterday by finance and planning minister, Mwigulu Nchemba in his remarks at the 35th graduation ceremony of the Dodoma-based Institute of Rural Development Planning (IRDP).

In his remarks, minister Nchemba said the sixth phase government under President Samia Suluhu Hassan was very determined to upscale the performance of the education sector in a concerted effort to enable the country to meet the set 2025 economic visions.

He urged the graduates to soberly use the acquired knowledge and skills to employ themselves in different income-generating activities.

He observed that the state-owned Institute was playing a notable role in helping moulding active human resources for the betterment of diverse socioeconomic development.

Minister Nchemba said the government was very much satisfied with the professional manner in which the Institute was conducting timely research to help solve diverse socioeconomic handicaps from across the country.

” I can assure you that the sixth phase government will continue to support this college in order to continue moulding useful human power,” he assured.

On the same vein, minister Nchemba yesterday laid the foundation stone to inaugurate a major project for the expansion of key infrastructures at the Dodoma- based Institute of Rural Development Planning (IRDP).

The project, which is being implemented in Miyuji area at the fringe of the country’s capital city include construction of three academic structures, an administration block, two major dormitories for girls students.

Another is a conference hall with a capacity to accommodate a total of 400 people, four staff offices, an investment building as well as an equipped library.

Briefing the minister over the ongoing project, IRSP’ Rector Professor Hozen Mayaya said the girls’ dormitory will comprise at least 55 rooms to the tune of sheltering 254 students at a go.

He said the estimated 3.6bn/- worth project has been scheduled for completion between March and April  next year, added: “Construction works for the project now at 45 per cent,”

He informed that during the 2021/22 academic year, the state-owned varsity has set aside a total of 7bn/- from it internal sources to support the implementation of key development projects.

So far, he detailed that the Institute has amassed at least 700 hectares in the region to facilitate the future expansion of vital infrastructures.

However, we’re continuing with diverse efforts to source more funds from stakeholders in order to stand a better chance to undertake development projects more professional.

“Our target is to get at least 13bn/- through soft loans and from. other stakeholders in order to help construct different structures, including a three-storey block with a capacity to shelter a good number of people,” he stated.

He added the timely project will also receive funds from the Higher Education for Economic Transformation (HEET) project.

Professor Mayaya detailed that since its inception in February 1979, the institute has continuously grown up academically as it is now running twenty-five long-term academic programs and various short courses programs.

“The number of students enrolled at the Institute has also kept on catapulting over the years. For example, in the 2020/21 academic year, the institute enrolled a total of 5,018 fresh students, and the registration for 2021/2022 is still in good progress,” he said.

Professor Mayaya informed that during the 2020/21 academic year, the Institute finalized a crucial process for the review of thirteen curricula for long term training programs to align with accreditation and regulatory authorities as well as the needs of the labour market. We have also conducted a tracer study for our graduates,” he insisted.

The convocation occasion, held on Thursday this week saw a colourful session to recognize and congratulate to IRDP’s students who have performed well in their studies and featured well in the Institute’s extra curricula undertakings.

A total of 77 students, including 42 males and 35 females were awarded diverse prizes at the event for excelling in different academic and non-academic categories, including creativity and innovations.






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