The level of cooperation in Africa since the beginning of the pandemic has been encouraging, says Rwanda President Paul Kagame.

Beyond the crisis, he said, we will need to continue working together to see tangible results, the New Times of Rwanda reports.

President Kagame was speaking virtually at the third edition of Kusi Ideas Festival being held in Accra-Ghana.

The festival is an annual summit launched by Nation Media Group (NMG) in 2019, to discuss the challenges facing Africa, and the various solutions and innovations the continent is undertaking to secure its future in the 21st century.

Kusi Ideas Festival delegates and speakers participate in the Asaase Radio breakfast interviews prior to the start of the conference proceedings


Kagame said that this past year much progress has been made toward Africa’s recovery, but still has a long way to go.

“In Rwanda we have learned that transformation is a continuous process that requires thinking ahead to build a more resilient future, going forward as we continue building the Africa we want. Let us apply the same mindset,” he said.

He added that the Kusi Ideas Festival is about innovation and tipped on the important conversations happening at the festival.

Delegates register for the Kusi Ideas Festival at the Accra International Conference Centre, Ghana

“For one, technology constantly creates new and better ways to share ideas, in essence that is what the African Continental Free Trade Area aims to facilitate, and we need to see significant investment in the digital capabilities of our people, especially young people,” Kagame said.

Second, climate-smart agriculture should be scaled up, he said that even with the dual threat of Covid-19 and food insecurity, being currently witnessed, the practice would improve productivity while keeping our environment safe.

President Kagame added that innovations should be introduced in the delivery of social protection to adapt to shocks with the support of the private sector.

“These three items are all part of the important conversations taking place at the Kusi Ideas Festival,” he added.

The Kusi Ideas Festival’s two-day conference will be held under the theme “How Africa Transforms after the Virus”, and will touch on a number of sub-themes including; taking forward the lessons learnt from leading during the pandemic, new opportunities for accelerating Pan-African trade, opening borders and building back tourism and more.

Jake Bediako, Presidential Coordinator, Youth Engagement& Strategy, Government of Ghana at this year’s Kusi Ideas Festival

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