Prof Faustine Kamuzora, Kagera  Regional Administrative Secretary(wearing a hat),at Nyaishozi ground to mark the World AIDS Day


KAGERA residents have been argued to abstain from risky behaviours which can cause them to get new infections of HIV.

The call was made by Kagera Regional Administrative Secretay,Prof. Faustine Kamuzora, representing Kagera Regional Commissioner, at World Aids Day celebrations, which, for Kagera region was held at Nyaishozi ward, Karagwe district, December 1.

This year’s theme is”Ending the HIV Epidemic: Equitable Access, Everone’s Voice”.

Prof.Kamuzora said everyone has the obligation to take care of self-health, against getting infections since we have lived with this endemic since 1993, and the science and technology era has helped in information dissemination on how to fight the endemic.

He said everyone should take every precaution and refrain from careless sex, alcoholism, use of drugs, and that children and youth should remain abstinent.

“You children, bear in mind what you’re taught at school about HIV/AIDS. Keeping yourself smart without having sex, will reduce the risk of HIV.”

Reading the Regional report on HIV prevalence,Edina Kabyaxi, Karagwe District Community Development Officer said new infections have gone down from 4.1 pc from 2020 to 3 pc in  September 2021

She named the prevalence in 2021 for each district council as follows:

Ngara(1.7 pc),Missenyi(2.9),Bukoba munispal(2.8),Bukoba Rural(4.8),Karagwe(3.6),Kyerwa(3.5),Muleba(3.2) and Biharamulo(1.9)

Atrifina Kaiza of Prevention and  Combating Corruption Bureau(PCCB)in Karagwe district, said they have been acting accordingly to give public awareness against sex abuse which can increase vulnerability to HIV, thus a number of reported cases has gone down.

Livingstone Byekwaso, from Elderly organisation,SAWAKA, which operates in Karagwe and Kyerwa districts, said they have been mobilising for the elderly to protect themselves from endemic, turn out for  Covid-19 vaccinations, and encouraging them in taking care of the orphans, whose parents died of AIDS.

Dr Isack Joseph,Kagera Management and Development for Health(MDH)Programme manager, said the day observances included HIV testing and vaccinations especially to people at risk of HIV and the Covid-19 pandemic.

World AIDS Day aims at bringing people worldwide together, fighting HIV, and stigma and discrimination and improving the quality of life for people living with HIV, and having their voices heard.

It is estimated that, as of 2018,38 million people worldwide, are living with HIV, approximately 1.7 million people are children under 15 years

The unborn children and infants to eight years of age are most affected as they get psychological stress if the parent/parents are living with HIV, as they lack good and proper parenting to master early childhood development.

Children can get infections through mother-to-child transmission, whereby,a third of babies born to HIV mothers, will become infected.

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