THE Dodoma- based Institute of Rural Development Planning (IRDP) has embarked on a special project for the construction of four new modern hostels, each will capacity to accommodate at least 192 students.

The robust project which targets to scale up accommodation and training infrastructures at the state-owned college will incorporate the installation of state-of-the-art lecture theatres, classrooms, staff offices, sports ground as well as other vital facilities.

The timely development was unveiled yesterday by the IRDP’s Rector, Professor Hozen Mayaya at the 14th Convocation gathering for the 35th graduation ceremony of the institute.

“We thank the sixth phase government for the development of budget support which has capacitated us to embark on this vital project, though we’re still in need of more support to enable us to accomplish the project more professional,” he expressed.

According to him, the institute is currently in the final stages to finalize the construction of the first hostel.

He detailed that since its inception in February 1979, the institute has continuously grown up academically as it is now running twenty-five long-term academic programs and various short courses programs.

“The number of students enrolled at the Institute has also kept on catapulting over the years. For example, in the 2020/21 academic year, the institute enrolled a total of 5,018 fresh students, and the registration for 2021/2022 is still in good progress,” he said.

Professor Mayaya informed that during the 2020/21 academic year, the Institute finalized a crucial process for the review of thirteen curricula for long term training programs to align with accreditation and regulatory authorities as well as the needs of the labour market.

“We also conducted a tracer study for our graduates,” he insisted.

On his side, the event’s chief guest, Deputy Secretary in the ministry of finance and planning, Dr. Khatibu Kazungu said the sixth phase government will continue to roll -out all necessary support to ensure that IRDP remains a better place for learning and working.

“I would like to challenge the students to soberly use the acquired knowledge, skills and competencies in the labour market for their personal benefits and for the national development as a whole,” he urged.

He stated that the government has continued to not only to create employment opportunities in the public and private sectors, but also highly encourages graduates to venture into self-employment, and is continuously creating a conducive environment for self-employment by facilitating different incentives and packages like youth loans through local government authorities,” he expressed.

The colourful convocation occasion involves recognition and congratulations to IRDP’s students who have performed well in their studies and featured well in the Institute’s extra curricula undertakings.

A total of 77 students, including 42 males and 35 females were awarded diverse prizes at the event for excelling in different academic and non-academic categories, including creativity and innovations.

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