Over 500 villagers in Matuli ward, Morogoro South constituency have thanked the sixth phase government under the strong leadership of H.E President Samia Suluhu Hassan for the provision of telecommunication services as it wasn’t available in their ward since independence.

Airtel public relations manager Jackson Mbando, said that about 350million/- have been used to implement the project whereby the government disbursed 125 million/- while 225m/- have given by Airtel company.

Mbando, said that the villagers will now have the opportunity to make mobile transactions through airtel, a situation that would improve their livelihood.

On her part, Information Minister Dr Ashantu Kijaji called on the villagers in the area to shift from analogue to digital as well as utilize the available telecom services for improving their agricultural produce. “You can use the available network access to see the market for your products as well as learn the new agricultural technologies.”

“There is no need now to travel to town centres ask for agriculture services, just click your phone then you will be able to access all information,” She said while congratulation Airtel company for their effort to ensure that a project is well implemented.

Member of Parliament for Morogoro South, Hamis Shabani Taletale lauded the government support for the improving telecommunication services in his constituency, saying the support came at the right time when his people are in need of transforming their livelihoods.

The lawmaker who is also known as Babu Tale said the move will increase government income from business activities through the establishment of telecommunication services.


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