Missenyi District Council spends 47m/- for nutrition programme


MISSENYI District Council in Kagera region has spent Tsh 47 million from domestic revenues in the financial year 2020/2021 for the implementation of various activities pertaining to nutrition for young children as a move to stop them from stunting.

Missenyi District Council’s Nutrition Officer, Mwanaidi Lukali said that the Council has assessed the nutrition trend by weighing 11,823 young children, among them 1,069 equivalent to 9.04 per cent found with malnutrition.

He further said that those children who were found with malnutrition have been referred to nutritional care and treated.

The programme also monitored the strategy in strengthening the village health and nutrition days as a community-based platform for delivering health, hygiene and nutrition services for mothers and young children.

Children experts say, young children healthy development depends on nurturing care, which ensures health, nutrition responsive caregiving, safety and security and early learning from 0 to eight years.

The move by Missenyi District Council matches the World Children Day 2021 theme,’ A better future for every child’

The day is celebrated annually on 20th November, targeting to improve children welfare, worldwide.

In this year celebrations, UNICEF said, “Amid a global pandemic, rising poverty, and social unrest, World Children’s Day is a time to celebrate young people’s unwavering hope and determination to build back better,”  and that people are 50 per cent more likely than older generations to believe the world is becoming a better place, but are impatient for action on mounting crises such as COVID-19 and climate change.

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