WOMEN are created with love and compassion to take the lead in helping families and have too much to offer as caretakers of children, youth and elders.

The statement was made on Sunday 31 October this year by Bishop Methodius Kilaini, Auxiliary Bishop of Bukoba Diocese during pilgrimage mass teachings at Nyakijoga shrine of Our Lady Lourdes, where Roman Catholic Christians receive God’s grace through the intercession of the blessed virgin Mary.

The mass was led by Bishop Desderius Rwoma Bishop of Bukoba Diocese

Bishop Kilaini said love and compassion are important things, not only to women but to all of us including politicians who propose and make laws that govern the country, as contrary to that the peace and solidarity may be at risk.

To the Catholics, he said showing each other love and compassion, pleases the blessed virgin Mary and whoever turns to her in any difficulties will not leave unattended, but ‘tears to be wiped off.

Nyakijoga shrine is in Mugana parish, about 29 km from Bukoba municipal.

The pilgrims at Nyakijoga shrine, are said to obtain the same God’s benefits as those who visit the shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes in France.

The prayers presented from Deacons Bukoba Diocese and the neighbour Dioceses of Karagwe, Rulenge, Geita, Kahama and from Mbeya and Dar es salaam Archdiocese to the blessed virgin Mary, ranged from asking for health, physically and spiritually, to avoid them from Covid-19 pandemic, climate change and global warming which increase the risks of extreme heat and floods which all affect human life and food security.

“Let us keep clean the environment, that it is able to accommodate us”

Bishop Desderius Rwoma thanked everybody to participate in the mass, give and say Thanksgiving, also appraising ‘Wanawake Wakatoliki'(WAWATA) in the Diocese by flying off the pigeon to mark fifty years of their efforts in catalysing Christianity and wellbeing of students in seminaries,

He showed appreciation of the government efforts for the road maintenance which runoff from Bukoba-Kanyigo-Kashenye road up to the shrine, which is well passable.

Nyakijoga shrine is a grotto beautifully situated at a small stream, where thousands who thronged Nyakijoga grounds, fetch blessed water to carry at their homes for spiritual uses.

More than sh 23 million have been collected this year from parishes and well-wishers for infrastructures of the throne.

Some pilgrims grab the opportunity to visit nearby Bwanjai caves, popular with ancient paintings.

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