KAGERA regional sheikh,Haruna Kichwabuta has issued a strong statement to the communities, urging the authorities in village and ward levels to summon children who abandoned their elders in difficult situations with no care, saying older persons need care from children.

Sheikh Kichwabuta issued the statement on 19 November, during the religious exhortations at the burial of mzee Abdu Salum Kayomunda(98), whose body was laid to rest at his home in Bukoko, Kanyigo ward in Missenyi district.

He said some elders do live in a very bad condition with no care or support from their children, despite the wealth they accumulate ‘here and there, that some elders opt to take refuge at elderly care homes.

“I am thankful for mzee Abdu children for they have taken care of him till the end when we are giving him our farewell and condolences,” said Sheikh Kichwabuta.

He said it is very disappointing¬† that parents raise a child with ‘blood and sweat’,

from day one in mother’s womb till birth and after, giving nurturing care for a whole period of early childhood development, so that it grows a person a family and nation can boast of, but ending to ‘turn a back’ to parents!

“We can’t go on like this. Inform the authorities to search for them wherever they are and summon them”, said sheikh Kichwbuta, adding that he sees no reason behind to see someone who has a child, living in honeymoon in town, but is being taken to Elderly care home, and the community doesn’t take him/her accountable.

He was also upset about children who discriminate against their fathers by not attending them the same as they do to their mothers.

” When a child, after a long hustle of the parents,acquire¬† wealth and successful life,calls mother in town,giving her all necessities including medical services,leaving father behind,lamenting and yawning !

“This is not acceptable. Both parents should be treated equally, as who is the second after Allah to honour our parents and by so doing you receive Allah’s

The burial ceremony paralleled the International Men’s Day(IMD), which is celebrated annually on November 19, to recognise the cultural, political and social-economic achievements of men and promote basic humanitarian as well as awareness towards men issues.

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