RELIGIOUS leaders in Kanyigo Ward, Missenyi District in Kagera Region have conducted prayers at the site where Kanyigo health centre is being built, in Bugombe village to thank God for that grace opportunity and be endowed with tremendous success.
They said, were happy with the government effort to uplift the citizens’standard of living,that to have a healthcare at grassroot level is a thing to reckon,adding that the community especially  pregnant mothers,kids and old persons,will get medical care at a nearby place,at ease,rather than travelling far seekingfor the service.
The leaders were from Roman Catholic Church(Fr Mathias Kamala),Islamic(Hajj Abduswamadu Ramadhan),The Holy  Father’s Church(‘Kuhani’ Davice Desdery and Augustina Datus),Tanzania Christians Victory Church(Pastoress Magreth Douglas)
Bugombe village chairman,Japerson Mutabuzi appealed to them to talk with  their church members about the importance of public contributions to development projects,as some people,though are few,are trying to convince people not to contribute to the ongoing project.
The first phase of the project worth sh 250 million,is for building outpatient room(OPD),laboratory and  waste incinerator,
Kanyigo health centre is among the 150 health centres in the country,which are built by the government to enable medical services including surgical,reach down to the  ordinary people.

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