RESIDENTS of  Butainamwa village,Kasharu ward in Bukoba rural have benefitted from a Korean faith organisation, Glory  Reach and Help Foundation, which has rebuilt them a primary school of seven classrooms and nine toilet pits.

The extensive repairs by the organisation with its headquarters in Arusha were determined after the donors had arrived in the village for religious purposes, but found the school building and other facilities were too old and unfriendly and they reached a decision to rebuild them.

Bukoba District Executive Officer Fatina Laay (R)presents a certificate of recognition to Pastor Lee (1st-l), a Glory Reach and Help Foundation’s official. (Photo: By Our Photographer)

Handling the facilities .and on behalf of Glory Reach and Help Foundation, Pastor Lee thanked all stakeholders concerned, for their commitment and cooperation to see the project successful.

Butainamwa primary school headteacher, Vedasto Byabato said the school has 468 pupils but with only five teachers, thus hindering the school progress, mentioning other challenges to be clean and safe water, electricity and lack of meals during school days which if solved, will enable a conducive environment for teaching and learning process.

Amatus Makubo,Kasharu ward councillor, appealed to donors to continue working with the communities for mutual interests of both parties, and that the locals are very friendly, lovely and compassionate to work with.

Bukoba District Council Executive Director(DED), Fatina Laay, recommended the organisation to note community needs and put it into reality, that the district council presented it with a certificate to recognise their efforts on development.

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