THE Warehouse Receipt Regulatory Body (WRRB) is finalising the process to launch a modern system that will allow livestock traders in the country to start conducting their business through a special online system.

Through the envisaged digital portal, the traders will have to put pictures of the cattle that they are wishing to sell on a specially designed online platform, together with other necessary information, including types of cattle, weight as well as market prices.

Giving an interview, WRRB Managing Director, Asangye Bangu, said the board was implementing the vital program in close partnership with the ministry of livestock and fisheries.

” We have decided to establish the system for different sober reasons, firstly is to fast track and modernise the livestock markets in the country, but also to avert a possible widespread third wave of Covid 19 in populated cattle markets,” he briefed.

He detailed that, through the advanced cattle selling and buying system, buyers will be bidding for the prices of the cattle through the relevant internet system.

“As per the design of the system, after purchasers bid the prices, then the sellers will directly transport the cattle to the highest bidders’ destinations,” he added.

He informed that the board has already toured and inspected the major Longido livestock market in Arusha region, being in readiness to start implementing the vital system.

“We’re planning to start by implementing the system in all major markets within the country,” he added.

He said in order to have the program implemented successfully, the board will partner with other key stakeholders to educate the relevant traders on how to make good use of the program before its commencement.

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