Tanzania’s Central Bank said that travel receipts, which accounted for 41.1 percent of total service receipts declined by 23.2 percent to USD 1,075.7 million, attributed to the containment measures implemented by various countries against COVID-19 pandemic.

The Central Bank said in its September’s Monthly Economic Review that the number of international arrivals declined to 761,150 from 951,706 in the year to August 2020. Noteworthy, the resumption of travel and lifting of lockdown measures in many countries are expected to boost tourism in Tanzania.

“On a monthly basis, in August 2021, services receipts increased to USD 262.8 million, compared with USD 150.6 million in August 2020, owing to a rise in travel receipts, suggesting a gradual pickup of tourism activities from last year,” the Bank of Tanzania’s MER said.


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