Iringa regional educational officer REO), Eng. Joyce Baravuga


Iringa Region’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) experts have lauded President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s commitment on establishing an ICT university as the move for the nation to go with the global speed in education, political, social, and business matters.

On their views, after the President’s speech on her commitment to establishing the ICT University at the sideline of the climax of Uhuru Torch Race in Chato, Geita Region, education stakeholders in Iringa said it is a good decision from the Head of the State.

Iringa regional educational officer REO), Eng. Joyce Baravuga said the president’s decision to establish a university on ICT will increase the number of IT graduates in the area that would be many supporters of the economy.

Baravuga went further said that the ICT graduates will also work to enable factories, universities, public sectors as well as private sectors to improve their activities.

“I’m among of founders of Morogoro Teachers’ College’s IT centre, through the Centre; we have improved official activities, it’s my hope that the ICT University will increase the number of young IT experts who will be useful in our private and public offices,‘’ she disclosed.

Baravuga said that the ICT university will increase the number of internet users in the country and push the development forward through ICT.

On his part, Leonard Nyoni, one of the education stakeholders in Iringa said, “The president Samia’s commitment will innovate and increase the number of ICT centres in Teachers colleges as few have those centres namely Morogoro Teachers College, Mpwawa Teachers college, in naming the few.”



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