January 15, 2021

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WhatsApp - personal data

WhatsApp is forcing users to share personal data with Facebook

WhatsApp changed its terms of service to force users to share personal data including phone numbers and locations with its parent company, Facebook.

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messenger that claims to have privacy coded into its DNA. Now giving its 2 billion plus users an ultimatum: Agree to share their personal data with the social network or stop using the app.

The requirement delivered through an in-app alert directing users to agree to sweeping changes in the WhatsApp terms of service. Those who don’t accept the revamped privacy policy by February 8 will no longer be able to access their accounts.

personal data

WhatsApp want it’s users to agree to let Facebook and its subsidiaries collect WhatsApp data.

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Some of the data that WhatsApp collects includes:

  • User phone numbers
  • Other people’s phone numbers stored in address books
  • Profile names
  • Profile pictures and
  • Status message; including when a user was last online
  • Diagnostic data collected from app logs

Under the new terms, Facebook reserves the right to share collected data with its family of companies.

In 2016, WhatsApp gave users a one-time ability to opt out of having account data turned over to Facebook. Now, an updated privacy policy is changing that.

However, the move prompted calls for users to delete their WhatsApp accounts. After that, switch to smaller encrypted messaging apps such as Signal and Telegram.