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Uganda elections 2021: Yoweri Museveni against opposition frontrunner Bobi Wine.

Voting is under way in Uganda, as Yoweri Museveni faces strong challenge from pop star-turned-opposition leader Bobi Wine as he seeks a sixth term.

18.1 million Ugandans registered voters are expected to vote today. At 34,684 polling stations across the country to cast their ballot and pick a new president and 528 Members of Parliament.

Today’s election has 11 presidential candidates. They include the incumbent, President Yoweri Museveni (NRM), Robert Kyagulanyi (NUP), Patrick Amuriat (FDC), Mugisha Muntu (ANT) Norbert Mao (DP), Henry Tumukunde (IND) Willy Mayambala (IND), Nancy Kalembe (IND), John Katumba (IND), John Kabuleta (IND) and Fred Mwesigye (IND).

The vote count will begin when polls close at 4pm (13:00 GMT) and results are expected within 48 hours.

Internet access has been cut off, and there are fears of unrest as security forces try to stop supporters of leading opposition challenger Bobi Wine from monitoring polling stations.

The US withdrew its poll observer team citing frustrations by the Uganda Electoral Commission.


Uganda elections Updates:

Ugandans began voting under heavy security and an internet blackout that has left many complaining.

Polls were due to open at 07:00 local time (04:00 GMT) but voting began more than 60 minutes late in several areas after election materials did not arrive on time.

Reports reaching East Africa Herald reveal that security has been heightened across the capital and inside the polling stations.

However, there have been reports of biometric voter verification kits failing at some polling stations.


Bobi Wine casts vote
Bobi Wine casts vote

Bobi Wine casted his ballot at Freedom Square polling station in Wakiso district, Kampala. shortly after 11am (08:00 GMT). He was greeted by jubilant supporters as he arrived at the voting centre.

Bobi Wine held a news conference shortly after casting his vote in Kampala. Called on his supporters to come out and cast their ballots amid heavy security presence on the streets of the capital and across the country.

“We urge voters to cast their vote. All of you, make sure you come from home and cast your vote,” Bobi Wine said.

“We encourage them to stay and guard their vote. Keep your face mask on, maintain social distancing but keep there and watch all the proceedings.”


Long lines of voters snaked into the distance in the capital, Kampala amid tight security.

In Kamwokya slum, where Bobi Wine grew up. Voters streamed in to a polling station as police tried to keep physical distancing.


People queue to cast their ballots
People queue to cast their ballots for the presidential elections at a voting center in Kampala, Uganda. [Reuters]

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