President of Zanzibar Dr. Hussein Mwinyi, has sworn in Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad as First Vice President from the opposition ACT-Wazalendo Party.

The swearing-in ceremony took place today, December 8, at the State House in Zanzibar.

This is the second time that the veteran leader has held the post since 2010 to 2015. During the tenure of Dr. Ali Mohammed Shein, served in that position and now serves in the Eighth government under Dr. Mwinyi.

Speaking immediately after being sworn in to hold the post at the State House in Zanzibar, Maalim Seif thanked the people of Zanzibar for the great trust they have shown in him.

Maalim Seif, who is also the Chairman of ACT Wazalendo, has thanked his party for nominating him as Vice President of Zanzibar.

He said the decision of the ACT Wazalendo Party to join the National Unity Government was not easy, but they decided to ratify it due to the sincere commitment of the President of Zanzibar Dr. Hussein Mwinyi to join the party.

He called on all Zanzibar people inside and outside, to work together to build Zanzibar and promised to work with President Mwinyi.

On December 6 this year, President Mwinyi appointed Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad as the First Vice President of Zanzibar.

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