November 27, 2020

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Vodacom and Infinix Launch new Infinix NOTE 8 mobile phone.

19 November 2020 – Dar es Salaam: The country’s leading digital mobile phone company, Vodacom Tanzania PLC, in partnership with Infinix today officially launched the new mobile phone Infinix NOTE 8. This new phone will be accompanied by an offer of 96 GB internet from Vodacom Tanzania PLC for the whole year.

The Infinix NOTE 8 phone is the company’s first, created with a MediaTek Helio G80 Octa Core processor, which is specifically designed to ensure that the machine works longer and more efficiently, making it a more capable phone than other starters versions from Infinix.

Vodacom Tanzania PLC is working together to deliver Infinix NOTE 8 to Tanzanians to ensure that every Tanzanian enters the digital world by owning a better phone and through a faster network to enjoy technological advancement in the world.

Speaking to reporters at the launch, Infinix Liaison Officer, Aisha Karupa said, “MediaTek Helio G80 processor and MediaTek HyperEngine Game technology has enabled NOTE 8 to be able to withstand high volume applications without the phone getting hot or suddenly shutting down during consumption.”

Karupa stressed, “In addition to having a large processor that benefits you sports lover, a lot of office and school work but also Infinix NOTE 8 has other popular features such as, two front cameras with 16 MP and 6 rear cameras with 64 MP, 5200mAh rechargeable battery, 6.95 inch screen and 128Rom GB memory for GB 6Ram ”.

From her perspective, Vodacom Tanzania PLC Head of Marketing Nandi Mwiyombella, stated that Vodacom’s intention is to take Tanzania to the digital world, to achieve this they must ensure that customers have access to the Internet without any hindrance.

“The importance of a fast internet connection for every smartphone user is well known, and in order for Tanzanians not to be behind the growth of technology we need fast internet to learn new things every day and with that in mind Vodacom Tanzania PLC moves you closer to the digital world through an offer of GB 96 on every Infinix NOTE 8 phone for a whole year,”said Nandi.

Infinix and Vodacom Tanzania Plc have been partners for a long time since the official launch of Infinix products in the country. The two companies have been working together to revolutionize the telecommunications industry in the country, this Infinix Note 8 Phone is available in all Vodacom stores and Infinix ale located in all parts of the country.