November 27, 2020

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Tigo offers a 1.2 MB billion bonus in the Jaza Tukujaze Tena campaign

We are giving back: Tigo continues to hand over mobile prizes to various #JazaTukujazeTena winners where customers also win bonuses for minutes, MB and SMS and even bigger to get smart phones. “So far we have issued more than 240 out of 1200 calls and we continue to provide various calls through our ongoing campaign across the country” Beatrice Kinabo-Coastal Customer Service Manager.

JOTI “If you buy the package Tigo gives you Minutes Bonuses, SMS and MB’s and more you stand a chance to win a smartphone that today we give away to this week’s winners.”

# ItelT20 # TecnoKitochi4G ten daily and # SamsungNote20 three weekly.

The Jaza Tukujaze Tena campaign ambassador Meena Ally explains that Tigo has so far given 1.2 billion MB as a bonus in the ongoing Jaza Tukujaze Tena campaign, to his left is a fellow ambassador for the Jaza Tukujaze Tena campaign, to his left is the Customer Service Manager of Tigo Coastal Region, Beatrice Kinabo.