November 27, 2020

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NCBA Bank Tanzania Assistant Brand Manager, Nasikiwa Berya (right) receiving information from Dr. Deborah Maufi of Babymoon Care from the Netherlands how to prepare a premature newborn baby to be safe, healthy and well cared for so that he can grow up on time, in part of the World Premature Baby Day celebrations, which took place at the hospital grounds of Muhimbili in Dar es salaam.

19 November, 2020 – As part of the celebration of International Premature Baby Day, NCBA Bank has teamed up with other stakeholders to contribute on efforts to address the problem in the country, including improving the provision of health services to children and communities affected by the problem.

NCBA Bank has donated three million shillings to the Dorris Mollel foundation as part of its contribution to the celebration of the International premature baby day held at the Maternal and Child Health Unit at Muhimbili Hospital yesterday..

Giving a speech at the event, NCBA Bank’s Senior Marketing Officer, Nasikiwa Berya said the donation was part of the bank’s long-term strategies to contribute to health services and raise the standard of living of the entire community.

“So far our bank has provided a total of 43 million shillings in the pursuit of premature babies care. We have also contributed to the construction of buildings and the provision of medical equipment to care for children, including at the Same district hospital, ‘Nasikiwa stated.

He also noted that the NCBA bank has a three-year strategy to contribute to efforts to address the challenges of premature babies by providing various assistance and encouraging other stakeholders to contribute to these efforts.

“Previously NCBA Bank organized a golf tournament with the aim of contributing to premature babies health services. We plan to organize three such competitions next year where various stakeholders will have the opportunity to join us in increasing the efficiency of service delivery for these premature babies, ”he said.

UNICEF statistics show that every year more than 200,000 new premature babies are born in the country, with approximately 9,500 babies dying from the problem.