November 23, 2020

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Dar es Salaam CCM Members Have Paid 30 Million To Free Mashinji

Tanzania Political Party (CCM) members from Dar es Salaam have paid a total amount of Tsh. 30 million as payment for Dr. Vicent Mashinji’s fine to regain his freedom.

Mashinji and other eight CHADEMA leaders yesterday March 10, 2020, were convicted by the Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s court and were ordered to pay fine of different amounts collectively or serve a five-month jail term after being charged with 12 charges among the 13 that were facing them.

After failure to pay the fines yesterday evening, they were taken to Segerea Prison while other measures were taken by CHADEMA members who had started to collect contributions, While the Ideology and Publicity Secretary of CCM Humphrey Polepole explained that CCM members from Dar es Salaam will contribute money to regain Mashinji’s freedom

After his discharge Dr, Mashinji has said, “I wasn’t expecting CCM members to pay my fine, I wasn’t expecting they would take this issue as that important because until yesterday my family was struggling to get that amount and set me free”

Mashnji and other CHADEMA leaders were charged with conspiracy to commit offenses, unlawful assembly, rioting after proclamation, raising discontent and ill-will for unlawful purposes, sedition and inciting commission of offenses.