Meanwhile, the world is taking different actions to fight against coronavirus, Tanzania, Ministers Of Health from 16 countries of SADC have suggested using technological alternatives to run meetings instead of meeting as a preventive measure against coronavirus infection.

SADC has, with immediate effect, suspended planned public events in the bloc as part of efforts to minimize risks from the coronavirus (Covid-19).
SADC meetings will now go virtual, with video conferencing or teleconferencing.
As of yesterday, South Africa had confirmed seven cases of the virus, although the rest of SADC has yet to record cases.

Considering the recent developments regarding the coronavirus outbreak, many countries and institutions have taken responsible precautionary measures to prevent the risk of exposure to contracting and spreading of the deadly virus, The Tanzania Minister Of Health Ummy Mwalimu explained

She said for the meantime all meetings will be held through video and teleconferences and will shift to virtual meetings at an advised date.

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