Africa has changed enormously over the past 10 years, with
an emerging middle class promoting growing consumer power – an area the likes
of Coca Cola and others know all too well. Other conglomerates are now starting
to follow suit including cosmetics giant Estee Lauder, who aims to increase
global sales by tapping into the billion person population with an increasing
disposable income.
This consumer market is a reflection of the energy
consumption of African nations and how, even though still a long way off
achieving a ‘base-load’, the increase in energy access is already changing the
outlook for so many highly employable young men and women.
The growth of this consumer market provides

opportunities for investors such as private equity funds who understand the
potential in Africa, especially in areas such as energy access and ICT.

The most notable of these are Blackstone, KKR, the #Abraaj
Group and the Carlyle Group, who have invested billions of dollars in pursuit
of cornerstone energy projects that will draw directly on the spending power of
the consumer. Regions such as the GCC or Africa’s own telecoms success
demonstrate the scale of the opportunity in countries such as Mozambique,
Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal. The key differentiator between Africa and
the GCC is that Africa has a local market economy of hundreds of millions of
people which, within 20 years, will change the global consumer purchasing map
The #PoweringAfrica: Summit is a meeting place to enable
dialogue between public and private sector decision-makers across the US and
Africa, promoting the investment opportunities in Africa’s power sector. Those
attending will include Ministers of Energy from Africa, heads of African
utilities and regulatory bodies, US-based private equity houses and wealth
management establishments.
Veronica Bolton-Smith, Programme Manager for the Powering
Africa: Summit, commented: “The people contributing are long standing
investors with both operational projects as well as a significant project
pipeline. The 150 plus stakeholders attending from 12 countries across Africa
are equally credible, with a long history of international partnerships and
project success – this gathering of project owners and investors is certainly
what makes the Summit so exciting and a must attend meeting for those with the
ability to play a role.”
Tesla, #GeneralElectric and #Caterpillar are among the world
leading US companies that will join heads of Africa’s leading Utilities,
Ministers of Energy and Finance, and senior government officials who will lay
out investment strategies and announce new project partnership opportunities in
one of the world’s fastest growing economies.”
About EnergyNet

EnergyNet has partnered with African stakeholders for 22
years. The business solely focuses on opportunities for investors to aid
industrial development on the continent and our meetings are not open for
‘anyone’ to attend. If you provide services that you feel will support these
objectives, please join us and contribute.


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