As Tanzania’s leaders are praised for its peaceful handling
of elections, an increasing number of projects are appearing which showcase
country that is maturing, growing in confidence and cooperating with the right
kind of partners to help it achieve its long term goal of becoming a regional

The Powering Africa: Tanzania investment briefing will take place from 3-4
December at the Hyatt Regency Dar es Salaam hotel. The meeting is designed for
professionals active in Tanzania’s power and infrastructure sectors to meet
with government decision makers and stakeholders to address

the opportunities
for investment and project development.

Tanzania’s first ‘mega infrastructure project,’ the Bagamoyo Port, will reportedly
provide Tanzania with an increased role in the global economy.  In
addition, the rail network currently being developed will link its neighbours
to the west and south, increasing efficient export and regional trade. These
projects combined with an increasingly mutually benefitting relationship with
Kenya [who itself is building transformative infrastructure for the region to
the north of Tanzania] will act as anchor programmes to significantly increase
industrial output.
The country’s electricity strategy includes captive power, off-grid and major
electricity projects which are all currently in development. TANESCO is
readying the procurement process for 25 power projects and the REA is driving
decentralised and distributed power strategies for smaller scale
solutions.  A couple of projects are due to be announced in December, with
TANESCO detailing the procurement process.
Simon Gosling, Managing Director at EnergyNet commented – “We’re extremely
excited that TANESCO’s Managing Director Mr. Mramba and his team are once again
sponsoring this meeting – but what’s really exciting is how the service sector
has grown in the last two years. That level of interest is a clear indicator
that bottlenecks we have addressed in the past three years at Powering Africa:
Tanzania are easing. As in previous years, Tanzania’s decision makers and the
region’s leading investors such as Songas, Symbion Power, GE and Stanbic Bank
will gather to update each other on project tenders and address bottlenecks
within the project pipeline.”


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