“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds
to be.”-
Abraham Lincoln

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often
we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been
opened for us.”-
Helen Keller
“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are
the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”-
Marcel Proust
Living a happier life often seems to be about living your
big dreams and putting in a lot of work over a long time.
I agree that it is one part. But another part of happiness
is here in small ways today.
So in this article I’ll share ten small tweaks I like making
to find more happiness in my daily life. I hope you’ll find something here that
you can use today to make your life better too.

Be Kind in Small WaysLet someone in into your lane
while driving your car. Hold up the door or hold the elevator for a stranger.
Not just because that you tend to get back what you give in some form. But for
yourself too, these little things add up and make you feel better about
Be Appreciative of other PeopleReplace the habit of
spotting the things that annoy you about people with one where you make small
or big positive observations about them. It could be their great sense of style
when it comes to shoes, how they always make you laugh when you need it or
simply that they are always on time. Be sure to tell them that.

Cut back on the time you spend with most negative person in
your life
Spend more time with the most positive person(s).

Cut out or cut down on the most negative media influence in
your life
It could be the news on TV, the newspaper, some magazine or type of
music, type of books or blogs or websites. Replace that time and find new
energy and inspiration from one or more positive sources like inspiring movies
and books. Or uplifting music and people.

Be 5 or 10 minutes early
This will make travel time a
time of relaxation and renewal rather than a time of stress and negativity
added to your day. Plus, you’ll be on time.

Do what is not “you”
Try a new dish for lunch. Read a
book or watch a movie that is not in your usual genre. Learn a little about a
topic that is not something you are usually into. This is a great and fun way
to find new perspectives in life, to grow and to expand your comfort zone just
a little on a daily or weekly basis. Cultivating this habit also makes it
easier to get out of your comfort zone when larger and “scarier” opportunities
present themselves.

Let go of one thing from your past

Clinging on to an
old conflict, argument or that you were wronged by someone can consume a lot of
time, energy and space in your life. It can also be oddly comforting since you
are so used to it. But life happens right now, day by day. And as Jan Glidewell
once said:

“You can clutch the past so tightly to your chest that it leaves your arms too
full to embrace the present.”

So to stop hurting yourself you have to accept that what is in your mind is in
the past now. By accepting that it is in the past but also in there inside of
you as a memory you can start to decrease the hold this memory has over you. By
accepting that is there and that you need to let go to live your life fully now
that memory will lose much of its power. And you can let go.

Take the smarter and higher road
Don’t be someone the
people can walk all over, set boundaries and say no when needed. But recognize
that unnecessary conflicts just waste your time and energy. And that some
people are so addicted to the drama and conflicts that you will never win or
reach an understanding between the two of you. There are more fun and good
things to spend time on in your life. So try to reach an understanding. But if
it doesn’t work then remove yourself from getting drawn into their conflicts
and make the day better for both you and possibly them.

Be kind to yourself
The next time you make a mistake
or fail don’t treat yourself like a jerk of a boss would. Instead, be kind, see
what you can learn from what happened, gently nudge yourself in the right
direction again and keep going.

Appreciate yourselfIt’s OK and something that a lot
of people don’t do enough. Spend 5 minutes tonight with thinking about or
writing down in journal the things you can appreciate about yourself and how
far you have come. Do this enough times – try 30 days – to change 
how you view yourself on a more permanent level.

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