Louise and Martine Fokkens
Twin prostitutes, 70, retire from being full-time sex
workers after sleeping with a combined 355,000 men during their 50 year career.
The senior citizen call girls successfully worked Amsterdam’s red light
district before walking away from the trade and beginning to write a tell-all
book. They lived their lives out of the spotlight until they became stars of a
documentary detailing their decades of erotic antics.

Louise and Martine Fokkens are identical twins, something
which likely enticed more than a few men during their first few decades working
at a brothel. Aside from some struggles with arthritis, the sisters came out of
what can be a very dangerous profession, quite healthy. During a recent
interview, the Dutch twins noted

they chose to become prostitutes because
they didn’t earn enough money doing anything else. Louise spent a little time
trying to make ends meet by making lampshades, before deciding to trade her
favors for money, the Daily Mail reports.

Louise Fokkens had this to say about her five decades as a
“My husband’s friends said it was the best way to make money
so we decided to find out. I was 20 or 21 the first time. At first it was a
problem for our mother and father, but later we all lived normally with it.”
The ladies must have been blessed with very understanding
spouses and parents, considering the far more reserved culture which existed
when the senior citizen sex workers were young.

Martine still offers sex for money two or three times a
week. She is also a mother of three adult children. She did not learn about her
twin’s career choice until Louise visited her in the hospital when she having
her first baby, according to The Guardian. She recalled being rather
surprised, but the pair chatted about the issue, as sisters do, and reportedly
decided, “that’s life” and moved forward. Martine Fokkens stepped into the
career slowly, she began as a brothel cleaner and then later to decide trade
mops for men and bank some real cash.
The twin sex industry workers eventually opened up their own
brothel and even start what they believe was the first informal trade union for
Source: The Inquisitr


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