Blackberry 10, Iphone 5, Android, Samsung Galaxy III
South Africa will be among the first group of countries to
see Blackberry
10 launched, announces Research in Motion (RIM) CEO Thorsten Heins, as
the company fights to maintain its market position in South Africa.
The announcement was made on Sunday, while Heins continues
his visit to South Africa as he briefs local carriers on RIM plans
to roll out the company’s latest innovation – the Blackberry 10.
In an exclusive
interview, Heins disclosed plans for a three-waved roll-out of the new
device, which is expected to be seen on the market in early 2013.

While globally speaking RIM has seen a huge drop in consumer
interest due to the transformations in the sector initiated by competitors
Android and Apple – namely, a shift to 4G connectivity and the dominance of
touch-screen handsets –the company’s position in South Africa has remained
positive, with figures showing that Blackberry still dominates the country’s
smartphone market.  Studies conducted by independent research group World
Wide Worx with results released in August, showed that over the 18 months
considered by the study ending June 2012 Blackberry had grown its market share
from 4 percent to 18 percent, with Blackberry devices accounting for 4.8
million of the 10 million smartphones sold in South Africa.
RIM has tapped into this research, placing South Africa in
wave 1 of the three-tiered launch of the new Blackberry device.  It had
been speculated that the Blackberry 10 would see its initial launch in Europe,
but Heins confirmed yesterday that not only would South Africa see the new
smartphone on its shelves on the day of global launch, but Nigeria will also be
part of the first launch wave.
Heins announced: “South Africa is a priority one market for
us, and we will acknowledge that with the launch of BlackBerry 10. There will
be three waves in taking it to global markets, and South Africa and Nigeria are
in the top range of Wave 1 launches. We will pay tribute to our customers here
by delivering BlackBerry 10 in South Africa when it is launched”.
The innovation comprises a number of new upgrades as
compared to previous Blackberry models, boasting the latest Blackberry
operating system- Blackberry 7 – and also including new screen resolutions,
touch screen models, a faster browser, near-field communications, augmented
reality, and enhanced app integration to name but a few features.
RIM South Africa Managing Director Alexandra Zugury speaks
highly of the new Blackberry product, and rates its role in staving off
competition in the South African market.  She said: “BlackBerry 10 is an
entirely new platform for BlackBerry – a new operating system powering new
devices in a new ecosystem”.  She added: “RIM is growing from strength to
strength in South Africa and our products are enjoying stellar sales in both
the consumer and professional segments,”


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