November 30, 2020

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Uganda tops East Africa in corruption – report

Uganda tops in corruption among the five countries under the
East African community (EAC), a report by Transparency International has

The Eat African Bribery Index 2012 launched Thursday afternoon in Kampala ranks
Tanzania and Kenya in second and third positions respectively.

Burundi was ranked fourth as Rwanda continues to record the best record in
fighting corruption.

 A total of 9,303 respondents, mainly urban based and aged between 30 to
49 years, were sampled across the five countries in the survey conducted
between March and May this year.

 Consequently, Uganda registered the highest bribery levels with a
percentage value of 40.7%, while Tanzania had 39.1%, Kenya 29.5%. Burundi, the
worst ranked country last year recorded a significantly lower index of 18.8%
this year.

 With an aggregate index of 2.5%, Rwanda remained the least bribery-prone
country in the region.

 In Uganda, police remains the top most corrupt institution followed by
the judiciary, tax services and the land services sectors.

 Also vulnerable are the registry and licensing services, city and local
councils, the health and education sectors.

Discussing the findings, anti-corruption experts attributed the problem in
Uganda mainly to inadequate political will to fight corruption coupled with low
salaries for civil servants

Source: New Vision