Prominent businessman and philanthropist Mustafa Jaffer
Sabodo has called on the young generation not to lose touch of their country’s
rich history and tradition that respects and regards all human beings as equal
despite the challenge to fight poverty.
Mr Sabodo, who is well known for his generous donations for
a number of social causes as well as to political parties, including the main
opposition Chadema, was responding to a message from the Honorary Consul of
Mexico, Hon Mohamed Reza Saboor, who paid him a courtesy visit at his home in
Dar es Salaam yesterday.

“We live in a country founded on strong pillars for human dignity as expounded
and articulated by the Father of the Nation, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere. Mwalimu
was totally against discrimination of fellow human beings on the basis of
colour, tribe or faith. That is what this nation should forever be as a gift to
human civilization,” Mr Sabodo said.

Mr Sabodo, whose parents came from India, explained that his name was derived
from “Chabodo,” a Makua word for a shop with cheap prices. “My father had a
shop in Lindi and charged 20 per cent less compared to prices in other shops.
The Makua referred to our shop as ‘Kwa Chabodo.’ It is the word I have decided
to take as my surname so as to always remember Lindi,” he said.

People, he said, should take giving to others less fortunate than them as part
of human nature for there is no joy in having too much while fellow human
beings languished in poverty. “In the end, we all eat just one ‘chapati’,” Mr
Sabodo, who is paralysed for the last 13 years, said throwing a jibe at the
vanity of life.

For his part, Hon. Saboor told Mr Sabodo that he was working hard to foster
mutually beneficial relations between Mexico and Tanzania, which he said, had
historical ties. Sisal, for which Tanzania was once the world’s lead producer,
was introduced into the country from Mexico.

Currently, he said, he was working on promoting investments in low cost
housing, an area that Mexico has immense experience and technological edge
about. He is also trying to promote cultural ties and exchanges. The lyrics of
a famous Mexican country song, “Le Rey,” The King, have already been translated
with accompaniment music into Kiswahili.

SOURCE: Daily News


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