There’s some interesting fallout from Friday’s big win
for Apple in its patent litigation against Samsung.
  • In trading in Seoul, Samsung shares fell 7.5%.
  • Shares of Samsung rival HTC dropped 1.9% in trading in
  • Apple shares poised for a big day: the stock in
    pre-market trading is up $18.58, or 2.8%, to $681.80.
  • Google shares are going to take a hit: the stock in
    early trade is down $13.13, or 1.9%, to $665.50. The question here is whether
    you think the issues in case have to do with Samsung’s hardware designs or with
    the Android software used in the devices found to be infringing Apple’s
    patents. Clearly, the Street has decided there are big risks here for Android.
  • Research In Motion shares are up 42 cents, or 6.1%, to
    $7.36. I would presume the idea here is that troubles for Android could send
    handset makers scurrying for alternatives, one of which would be to license
    BlackBerry OS from RIM, or simply to buy the company outright. I would note
    that Samsung has been a frequently rumored suitor for RIM, although Samsung has
    consistently downplayed the speculation.
  • Nokia shares have spiked 27 cents, or 8.8%, to $3.35.
    In Nokia’s case, the theory would have to be that the company made the right
    bet in deciding to adopted Windows Phone as the the OS for its smartphones,
    rather than Android – and that it could take some market share in the U.S. and
    possibly elsewhere if Android phones run into ongoing patent issues trying to
    compete against Apple.
  • Microsoft shares are up 30 cents, or 1%, to $30.86. If
    handset makers go looking for an OS alternative, Microsoft Phone 8 is the most
    obvious choice.
  • Cirrus Logic is up $1.25, or 3%, to $43.25. The chip
    maker generates such a large percentage of its revenue from Apple alone – and
    the iPhone in particular – that anything that points to higher Phone sales is
    going to push the stock higher. And so it has.
  • Nuance Communications, which provides the underlying
    technology for Apple’s Siri speech recognition feature, is up 36 cents, or
    1.5%, to $24.25.
  • Interdigital, which licenses wireless technology IP, has
    spiked $1.75, or 5.2%, to $35.24. While the company recently tried (and failed)
    to find a buyer, the Samsung ruling underlines the value of mobile technology
  •, which relies on Android to power its Kindle Fire
    tablet, is down 72 cents, or 0.3%, to $245.02.
  • Universal Display has tumbled $5.47, or 12.8%, to
    $37.25 on the Samsung news; Samsung is the OLED display company’s largest

Source: Forbes


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