When African-American music mogul 50 Cent offered a million dollars to Africa’s literary gaint Chinua Achebe for
rights to use the title of his novel classic “Things Fall Apart,” he was turned
down.  He simply changed the name and went ahead with
the première of the movie. “Fiddy” as he is also called, is no
stranger to setbacks. At the beginning of his rap career after signing what
seemed to be a million dollar breakthrough record deal, he was shot point-blank
nine times in front of his grandmother’s house.
The unrelenting artist who revived his career with the
multi-platinum album “Get rich or Die Trying” has again offered his hand to
Africa for business marketers to distribute his energy drink
brand, SK Energy Shots.

The millionaire rapper, formally known as Curtis Jackson
highlighted that the move to seek African business partners was inspired by his
many travels through the continent of his ancestors.
“Everyone thought that we would expand immediately to Europe
or South America. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel across Africa, and one
thing I’ve learned is that it is filled with vibrant, young entrepreneurs who
are eager to cultivate a sustainable business sector that will fuel growth for
their future. That’s why I’m giving African entrepreneurs the chance to bring
SK to their country.” said Jackson.
SK Energy was launched in September 2011 with a social
mission to “feed a hungry child” by donating the cost of one meal to the United
Nations World Food Program for the sale of every shot. A Forbes report recently
noted that 50 Cent and his company have already written a check to the UN to
cover the cost of 2.5 million meals.
The SK brand seeks to support the underprivileged in Africa.
Jackson also noted that the product has received a lot of
interest in Africa. He will therefore be looking for a distributor in at-least
each African country.
“I’ve had so much interest coming from Africa since I’ve
launched SK. That’s why I’m opening up submissions to entrepreneurs across the
continent to become distribution partners.” said Jackson.
50 cent is not the only global entertainer to seek business
opportunities in the emerging African markets. O, The Oprah Magazine of
Forbes-listed richest African-American Oprah Winfrey publishes in South Africa.
In April 2002, it published its first South African edition. According
to South African Advertising Research Foundation, its average readership
was over 300,000.
A shrewd businessman, 50 cent made $100 million from the
sale of Vitamin Water parent Glaceau to Coca-Cola in 2008 and is a familiar
face in the Forbes annual Hip-Hop Cash Kings. Jackson has interests in Video
games, the G-Unit clothing, a record label , Film production company and line
of headphones with Sleek.
Entrepreneurs interested in the opportunity can download forms at where
they will fill out their personal details, distribution plans and bank account


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