A bride arrives at Church for the mass wedding

Hundreds of people thronged Kyere catholic mission in Serere district on Sunday to witness 93 couples exchange marriage vows in holy matrimony presided over by Soroti bishop Emmanuel Obbo.

Bishop Obbo advised the newly wed couples to ensure that they promote love and endurance to each other. 

Three quarters of the couples were elderly persons who have been staying together for more than 60 years while the rest were young couples. 

Some couples arrived at Church on foot; others rode bicycles and motor bikes on their big day.The oldest couple among the newly wed was of Augustine Alaro 89, and his wife Maria Apio 82. He told the New Vision how he was gratified for God had answered his prayers to wed his longtime fiancé with whom he has 12 children.

 “I only sold my cock to raise money for the rings and that is all. I am happy and if God calls me to be with him (die) I will be a happy old man to go because my dreams have come true,” Alaro said.

His last born Lawrence Ocamu aged 51, paid for the motor bike which transported them to and from Church. 

For Justine Ekolu 57, and wife wed Modesta Apolot 52, who have been staying together for the last 25 years, they wedded simply because they wanted break the monopoly of the rich being the ones wedding.

“In my village people say weddings are meant for rich people. When we registered for this mass wedding people laughed at us even today as we rode our bicycle for our weeding,” Ekolu said.

Source: New Vision


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