The East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) has proposed the amendment of article 50 of
the East African Community (EAC) Treaty to allow members of the regional assembly to be
elected by people instead of national parliaments. 

EALA members said the move was aimed at increasing people’s participation in the regional law making body. Currently nine members of the EALA are selected from each national parliament of the five EAC member states by being voted by their respective Parliaments.

Tanzania members for 2007 -2012 are; Janet Mmari, Said Bilal, Dr Didas Masaburi, Fortunatus Masha, Walid Kabourou, Kate Kamba, Abdulah Mwinyi, Sebtuu Nassoro and Dr
George Nangale.

EALA Speaker, Mr Abdirahin Abdi, said here on Friday that already the assembly submitted its proposals to the EAC Council of Ministers for decision. “The Assembly is of opinion that members of EALA should be elected by the people in their respective countries.

But the decision to amend the Treat is in the hands of Council of Ministers,” he said. The
proposals were submitted last year.

Source: Daily News


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